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About Manjiri

Manjiri Yashwant

Leading Movie Actress

Marathi Film Actress Manjiri Yashwantis Pises by the star, which made her PRESS RELEASE as gentle romantic, caring, compassionate and spiritual. From star, she has the subconscious mind and also passionate to follow her dreams, which was vivid and meaningful and even prophetic. Further, her glamorous sparkling appearance made her more suitable in the film industry. She started her career from modeling since 2015. She had a great collection of photos and videos that speaks for her passion as the artist. Apart from natural skills, she also worked to grow some skills to enter and sustain in the film industry to become a Marathi film star. All these make her get a chance in the film industry.
Her film journey was started with the award winning short film, “Citadel To Be Proud (Killa/Fort)” that carried a social message. It was directed by Ramesh Sahebrao Chaudhary and Manjiri Yashwant scripted for the short film. 2018 was also the year that bagged her to get into the roof of Marathi film heroin. She got the chance to work in the Marathi movie, BABO as a Marathi cinema actress. It was a comedy-drama and she gave her best and her role was well noticed in the film.
In the film, she was portrayed as Pintya’s wife, but the movie opened with negative reviews. However, her role was much noticed and appreciated among the audience. This movie was directed by Ramesh Chaudhary and featured Sayaji Shinde, Kishore Kadam, and several others. Now, she is busy working by singing new projects in the Marathi film industry.
Actor Manjiri Yashwant
Manjiri Yashwant